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Employee resource groups specifically for midlife and senior employees are exceptionally rare in the U.S. — but they shouldn't be.
“Lots of old school power is tied up within these codes, especially those prescribed norms reflecting economic class, race, stereotypes and gender expectations.”
"Veterinary medicine is one of the least diverse occupations in America."
More than 100 years after the industrial disaster, women are still thinking about it.
The research suggests that employees could cut their carbon footprint by more than 50%.
Stay-at-home moms say it’s a far cry from the old June Cleaver image of a parent who spends any time she’s not with her children cooking and housekeeping.
A recent op-ed in the New York Times argues that “sex work is an inappropriate phrase because it is neither sex nor work.”
"I will never return to the United States to live and work. It's just toooooo good here."
People with ADHD?may find this trick particularly helpful. But it's useful for anyone who has a hard time responding to messages.
"In my late 20s, I started to have thoughts that people were out to get me. As the paranoia increased, I stopped eating and sleeping."
“The truth was, I didn’t want ‘help,’ I wanted a partner who took equal responsibility for our shared life.”
These little touches might even make work more fun.
Reviving an Obama-era proposal, the White House wants more employees to earn time-and-a-half pay when they work long hours.
Want to ace your next interview? Follow these secret rules.
"One of my students said this the other day and asked if I knew what it meant. I had to explain to her that my generation invented it."
"As you might imagine, a bar is not the ideal place for spiritual work."
Reviewers in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond say these goods make their workday much more comfortable.
“When I taught high school, I saw so many parents flat-out refuse to let their children struggle."
"Lazy girl jobs" are having a huge moment on TikTok. But the term needs a rebrand, too.
After cleaning other people's houses, these experts have some hard boundaries and thoughts about manners.