The Tiny Tool That'll Make A Keurig An Actually Respectable Coffee Maker

Reviewers say it’s a “game-changer” for elevating the home coffee experience.
Black glass coffee espresso cup with two pods on wooden table.
Image by Kevin Shine via Getty Images
Black glass coffee espresso cup with two pods on wooden table.

Making a good cup of coffee really comes down to the beans, and if you have a pod-style coffee maker that relies on K-cups, your options might be limited. If you like a brand of coffee that doesn’t come in K-cup form or simply want to cut down on waste, we have good news for you.

While it isn’t a new invention, the reusable K-cup coffee pod is an ingenious, affordable and often overlooked tool that lets you use any coffee you want in your single-cup or pod-based coffee maker. With many reviews calling it a “game-changer,” it’s an easy way to elevate your home coffee experience. While Keurig is the big name in this game, there are also reusable pods that work with machines from other brands including Mr. Coffee and Cuisinart.

Simply fill the pod with the ground beans of your choice, pop the top on and insert it into your machine to have a fresh hot cup of coffee featuring your favorite roasts. These capsules are also totally reusable, saving you money and limiting your consumption of one-use plastics.

Turn your Keurig or other single-cup coffee maker into a totally customized, lower-impact home café and enjoy using your favorite beans from your local coffee shops at home with this simple tool.

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Keurig's reusable K-cup
If you're a brand purist, you'll want to grab Keurig's own reusable K-cup that works in all Keurig home brewers. It can go in the dishwasher and has a multi-stream filter on top, ensuring you get the best flavors and aromas from your favorite coffee beans. Note: You'll need to take the "pod holder" out of your machine before you put this in, and reviewers advise that you carefully read the directions to make sure you're popping and locking everything correctly.

Promising review: "This is a game-changer. It offers convenience, allowing me to brew any coffee grounds I love. The MultiStream ensures an even extraction for a delightful taste and aroma. Plus, it's eco-friendly, [reducing] plastic waste. Cleaning is a easy, and its durable. If you own a Keurig, this reusable filter is a must-have for a personalized and sustainable coffee experience." — Jack
A pair of stainless steel reusable coffee pods
With 360-degree perforation, these stainless steel reusable coffee pods allow water to reach all of the coffee grounds giving you maximum extractions. The stainless steel helps keep all the natural oils and flavors intact on the beans and can go in the dishwasher. These pods are compatible with a number of Keurig machines as well as the K-cup Breville and Mr. Coffee makers. (Check the chart on the product page before purchasing to ensure this will work for you.)

Promising review: "This product is really nice for times that I want to make whatever coffee I want instead of what is in my store bought k-cups. They work great!" — Amazon customer
A budget friendly set of six reusable pods
Get the most bang for your buck with this set of six mixed-material reusable coffee pods. They're compatible with a large selection of Keurig models as well as Breville and Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee and Hamilton Beach. (Read the listing carefully to make sure this option will work with your specific model.) Made with stainless steel mesh and a locking plastic top, it has a filtration cone and is entirely perforated, allowing the water to filter through all of the grounds.

Promising review: "These filters are great! Fit my machine perfectly and works just fine. They are very easy to use and clean after each time. Highly recommend." — Jim Downing
A set of four reusable pods with a perforated top
Optimize the water getting through the beans with this set of four plastic and mesh reusable coffee pods. With a multi-filtration top and mesh siding, they allow your beans to get evenly soaked, extracting the most flavors. These work with a wide selection of coffee makers from Keurig to Cuisinart to Hamilton Beach, but check the product listing for compatibility with your specific model.

Promising review: "These are really so convenient, and so excellent. I get to use my own coffee, in a convenient brewing format. I can’t recommend them enough." — lmzrsk

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