Joe Biden

The president's name won’t appear on the ballot anywhere in 2023, but you wouldn’t know it from GOP governor campaigns in Kentucky and Mississippi.
The attorney general made the comment on "60 Minutes" as Trump and allies continue to claim the cases were timed to undermine his presidential campaign.
The Minnesota Democrat, who has been outspoken about his opposition to the president's reelection, plans to remain in Congress.
Congressional supporters of Ukraine say they won’t give up after the bill to prevent a shutdown excluded Biden's request for aid to the war-torn nation.
"That was Dianne," recalled Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). "Powerful. Prepared. Unflappable. She had to be: whenever she did something, she was often the 'first' to do it."
The administration's offshore drilling plan proposes no more than three lease sales over the next five years — the smallest number in the leasing program's history.
“The meeting that has to take place is in the House of Representatives," the White House chief of staff said.
It's “important to underscore the significance," the New York Democrat told MSNBC's Chris Hayes of the impeachment hearing antics.
Raskin said he doesn't see Republicans "moving forward" with the evidence-lacking impeachment inquiry into the president.
"You would think you would bring your A-game," said Neil Cavuto.