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“There is nothing more that can be said,” the former White House chief of staff concluded. “God help us.”
The police chief who led a highly criticized raid of a small Kansas newspaper has been suspended.
“Would President Biden ever try to get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?” the Fox News correspondent asked the White House press secretary.
The Florida Republican has initiated the process for an eventual no-confidence vote on the House speaker.
Robert Wayne Lee, also known as "Boopac Shakur" online, would pose as a 15-year-old girl online as he reportedly aimed to catch sexual predators.
The Twitter owner posted an edited picture of the Ukrainian president that was captioned, "When it’s been 5 minutes and you haven’t asked for a billion dollars.”
"Why do you want me to go with your belief when that is not my belief?” the "View" co-host asked the Republican congresswoman.
Scores of people robbed multiple stores last week, with many participants and observers posting videos of it online.
Depending on your individual cellphone settings, the message may display in Spanish.
The Supreme Court's decision affirms a lower court ruling that identified the former Trump attorney as a key figure in overturning the 2020 election.