The Fleetwood Mac legend unveiled her miniature during a concert at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.
A sci-fi sequel and a 2016 action thriller are also trending on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and Max.
The two actors got married in 2019 and share a 3-year-old daughter.
The trial, which took place in March, involved a retired doctor who accused Paltrow of skiing into him back in 2016.
A beloved baking competition series and a sci-fi show are also trending on streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu and Disney+.
Zelda Williams added that "the ramifications go far beyond my own feelings."
The "Red Table Talk" host was close friends with the slain hip-hop legend, whose 1996 killing just resulted in an a murder charge against Duane “Keffe D” Davis.
The rock icon said he "didn't want to start complaining," but called one musical style "rubbish" in an interview with The Telegraph.
The adorable moment between the hunky football players from the Missouri-based team comes amid rumors that Kelce and the pop star are dating.
The two have been spotted hanging out together since February.