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The new look of Black Books is “WALLS”.





Over the course of the last year Jay Michael has been on a personal mission to create the world’s best graffiti black book. Having never been fond of traditional blank sketchbooks, Jay set out to create one of his own! This book, made by writers for writers, presents a new opportunity to the world of creative development. With 100 unique wall structures and layouts the possibilities are endless. Not only is this book a great piece for your collection, it’s an educational resource that brings you in contact with the numerous details that go into putting graffiti on the wall. Jay is so hyped to bring you this book and believes that he has accomplished what he set out to do, create the best graffiti black book.

Walls is the new look of graffiti black books.

The City Slums has seen it’s fair share of dope projects coming out of the Northwest, but this one takes the cake. Our friend Jay Michael has put together 100 different walls and bound them in a 8″ x 10″ hardcover sketch book! This book contains bricks, wood panels, cinder block and concrete walls giving you the ability to see your work come to life as it would be in the field. This product is made by graffiti writers for graffiti writers.

You can find the Black Books HERE.

You can follow them on Instagram HERE.


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