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Graffiti book

Graffiti in the Northwest.

Update as of 10/3/16: We have raised 70 through GoFundMe.com which doesn’t seem like much but its a good start. Thank you to everyone that has donated money and stay tuned because we will be posting more updates here at The City Slums. YEE!

Graffiti immortalized:

Graffiti in the Northwest has been nothing short of amazing, we all know the hot spots, we all know who was involved and who the “heavy hitters” were. But if you weren’t personally involved, then what you probably didn’t see, was the kind of magic that was really happening. There were true pioneers in the scene that were literally changing the way the world looked at graffiti. There were kids coming in from out of town, bringing with them new styles and techniques. There was the birth of the internet allowing us to see what was happening with graffiti culture across the oceans. The introduction of graffiti careers,  the rise and fall of the “Graffiti Garages in Tacoma, WA. which for most of us was a meeting place to politic about the scene but also served as a boxing ring for when things got sticky. We witnessed art galleries spring up in a city where we were once told to “never go downtown”. Simply put, if you were old enough and had the history you would be able to look at the “underworld” in Tacoma, WA and remember a time when it looked like one large production, a true to life hall of fame. Not just for Tacoma heads but for graffiti writers from all over the Northwest. If you were around the Northwest back then you would have watched as world famous crews like BTM, BHL, TITS, TNK, DVS, CDK, either came from out of town or born here used this scene to rise to the titanic crews that they are today. Like I said, it was completely a life changing movement and whether you were a graffiti writer, photographer, supporter or fan you get to say you where there. Now you get to take a little bit of it home.

History for the taking:

Our founder, DRAST was savvy enough when we were kids to create a website to record this movement. He called this website The City Slums — the site has been living in infamy ever since. This living record has been passed on to a new owner dedicated to keeping it updated. We felt that since we had all of the content form the old site and the history was so rich that we would publish a series of books. These books would contain all of the names and pictures that were on the original site dating back to as early as 1991. We are proud to be making these books and extremely excited to immortalize another piece of history for graffiti in the Northwest.

Northwest Graffiti and you:

We are now asking for help with the cost of the book. Design and publishing is looking like $3,000 dollars minimum so we are asking for our fans and supporters to throw us 5-10 dollars and help us get this huge piece of Northwest graffiti history into the hands of the people. We will be publishing a free to download e-book and a hard copy that will be available on amazon and a few to be determined locations here in the Northwest. The link to support is located right here or you can click the picture of the book above. Thank you for all of your support whether it be financial or just sharing this with your friends.

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