GRAFFITI CLOTHING: Limited run T-shirts.

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Graffiti Clothing:

As a graffiti writer, working in an industry where creative outlets are rewarded rather than looked down upon was a goal in life. Unfortunately there isn’t always an over abundance of creative jobs for graffiti writers and creative personalities unless you make your own. So, graffiti clothing was born. Now we are hiring you to develop a design and be paid for it.

What exactly is LTD. RUN?

Ltd. Run is a way for us to see as much work as possible from graffiti writers around the world while being able to take a little bit of the action home with us. We have opened a print shop and will be introducing The City Slums LTD series once a month. We will hire and feature designs from local and not so local graffiti writers to come in and design a shirt that will be sold in limited runs. There will only be 50-100 pieces made at one time and when they’re gone THEY’RE GONE!

  1. Sign up to be a designer.
  2. Develop something unique to you and your personal style.
  3. Send it to us.
  4. Collect your payment.
  5. See your design sell like hot cakes.

Where can I find this Graffiti Clothing?

We have opened a store here on The Slums! The shop is accessible in the main menu under the shop tab or you can click here! The artists will be listed out and searchable by name.

How do I sign up to design a shirt?

Well all you gotta do is shoot us an email with some of your completed work. Send your emails to Pretty simple right?

How do I get paid?

So you’re interested in designing some clothing but you’re not sure how you get paid… Well that’s pretty simple as well. You can choose to get paid via Paypal or check.

How soon can I plan on seeing my design in the store.

The store will update with a new artists design the first week of each month. That means as the artist you can expect to see your design up and in the store within sixty days of submission.


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