City Slums: Rebirth of Northwest Graffiti

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The City Slums: Rebirth of Northwest Graffiti

What’s up, Northwest!? It has been a while city slums graffitisince the site has been down and a lot has happened since then. For instance, some of you may not even know what The City Slums is or maybe have only heard of it. That means you’re a young go get’r and we commend you!

Before we get to far ahead of ourselves let me tell you how all of this came to be. My man Drast of course has blessed me with this solid piece of graff history. We teamed up with all of the graffiti influences and supporters here in the Northwest.

Now we have given birth to a version of The Slums that includes a few things:

city slums screen shot

  1. A face lift. She was a beautiful site to start but we thought we would spruce her up with a few new sections and a new layout.
  2. ALL OF THE OLD CONTENT! That’s right you sons of bitches, we brought back all of the old flicks that you may have been missing over the years. It will take a little while for us to go through them all but I am sure it will be worth the wait.
  3. New management. With the introduction of new technology and the vast depth of the internet I decided we should make this a two man band
    . If you know who we are, tight. If not, don’t dwell on it.
  4. And finally, prepare yourself for brews, blunts and bombing.

Now that we know what we are staring down the barrel of a new era in graffiti we should take a look at how technology is helping the new style of the site. You can submit your own photos here (up to 25 at a time), remain anonymous while doing it. The City Slums is also hosting a full forum that you can find here for all of you that don’t like the attention that comes with having a dedicated page to yourself.


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